Friday, 14 September 2012

Healthy Food.

We need healthy food because it makes our body healthy and tough.

If you eat the five different colours of fruit and vegetables you’ll be always healthy. You have to convince your mum or dad to buy some veggies and fruit for lunch. I think that if you eat fruit you’ll never stop at cross country.

If you eat unhealthy food you’ll get fat. In my family we eat Tongan healthy food. We eat taro leaves with corned beef. Mum buys kiwi fruit and apples.
Sometimes when you eat fruit it has extra sugar.

On Saturday or Sunday we buy KFC.

Monday, 10 September 2012

It will make you stronger

Argument: Mr Ramkolowan didn't I tell you that every teacher has hamburgers from Burger King.  Every teacher likes it with the chicken and fries. Sometimes it is better with the King. Always taste the burgers because they are healthy and they won't make you fat and slow. It will make you better than Superman and stronger than The Hulk and even funnier than Mr Bean.

  • It will make you stronger than Superman because it has lettuce in it but Superman eats junk food for dinner.

  • The burger is healthy it always has good stuff in it except for the old meat next to the tomato sauce and the pickles.

  • The burgers have tough things in it. That is how it makes you tougher than The Hulk and King Kong.

  • When you eat the burgers you can taste lava and flames around it, so if you're not full the sauce will make your mouth never want it again.  
All those sauces and things are true and those buns, lettuce, pickles, chilli sauce, patties are only at burger king.

Weightlifting is so awesomely cool

Weightlifting is so awesomely cool
My favourite Olympic Sport is weightlifting. This sport is played in an arena.
It is an individual sport. The current Olympic champanion is TOROKHTIY OLEK form the Ukraine.

Weightlifting is my favourite sport because it makes you lift one of the toughest weights and it will make you strong and healthy.

Another reason why weightlifting is my favourite sport, because if you lift 105kg and won a gold medal your coach will give you 1000 dollars for winning that gold medal and trying all his best to win that gold medal.

The next reason weightlifting is my favourite is because we could be on television competing for our own country and breaking the world’s most powerful record of all.

Finally, weightlifting is my favourite sport because all of the most strongest people in the world took part in the weightlifting.

From the reasons I have given above, I love weightlifting because it plays in the stadium. In the Ukraine they won the most magnificent weightlifting title of all. They are so cool.

The coolest sandwich

The ingredients for our sandwich is tuna, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, and ham. We all made our own little sandwiches. It was so delicious that I wanted to eat all of the sandwich because we had to put all of the ingredients in. It was good and fun.

I like the food and the decorations. I didn’t expect the tuna and the cucumber to be so tasty. Thank you Pak'n'Save for giving us the ingredients and the food we need, we truly thank you for helping us eat healthy food.

I like the part when we took our sandwich and ate it. It was so delicious that Tainah ate all of the sandwich and some of us didn't get another sandwich at all. She finished the cheese and the lettuce all by herself. Thank you Mr Naidoo for organising the schools healthy food.